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Unique ID for each task

jusking says:
This has been asked for before in a way, but that thread is closed.

I'd very much like unique IDs for each task accessible to the user. From a programming point of view, I'm sure that it's already there in the database entry - it's probably a just a matter of exposing it in a friendly format.

The rationale is:-
- an ID could for the basis of sequential tasks
- it would be a way to easily reference RTM tasks outside of RTM.

Like many, I use Evernote as an information database. I carry over the tags I use from RTM for Evernote, but I'd like a semi-automatic way of referencing an individual RTM task in Evernote rather than an entire category (short of full integration between the two - but that's probably too much to ask for at the moment). Quite often, tasks generate some sort of 'output' - from as simple as an idea or an observation to an actual file. It would be great to be able to easily reference the output to its originating task (i.e. in Evernote). At the moment I have to do it manually, and the bookkeeping for it can be quite cumbersome.

Any chance task IDs could be implemented?
Posted at 8:26am on June 20, 2009
(closed account) says:
Posted 11 years ago
pvanderlei says:
Posted 10 years ago
guice says:
Yes just posted this idea myself.
Posted 8 years ago
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