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Add a login form on the website front page

minipark says:
Hi nice guys,

I would like to have the login form on the frontpage. It would save me one click every time I'm logging in.

I tried to work around this problem by bookmarking the /login page, but this bookmark is useless when I'm already logged in. And I don't want to have to cow icons in my Firefox bookmarks bar :)

Thank you!
Posted at 3:08pm on April 28, 2009
nselander says:
...and show the login fields if I go to my page: /home/ and am not signed in.

I use a password keeper, but as it is, no matter how I bookmark it (home page, user page, log in page), I always have to click something to get to my tasks, logged in or not:

Home page: Login link, then log in
Login page: does not redirect if already logged in, so I still have to click the "log in" button
User page: Login link (if not logged in), then log in
Posted 8 years ago
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