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Bookmarkable URLs (permalinks) for tasks, so you can link directly to an individual task

charles.danoff says:
Within a public list, I think it would be helpful and valuable to be able to link directly to a task.

That is, I for example link:

would link directly to that task.

If you want more of an authority figure speaking on this topic, read Doug Englebert's (guy who invented HTML and the mouse) "Boosting Our Collective IQ."

From, pages 3 - 4

"By 1962, after a ph.D. in Electrical Engineering/Computers at Berkeley and in my fifth year at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI), I developed a “Conceptual Framework for Augmenting Human Intellect”. Its fundamental concepts still guide my pursuit. The hypermedia design principles I concentrate on here are but secondary derivatives of that larger-goal conceptual framework. In fact, all our computer developments into the 1970s (synchronous distributed shared-screen conferencing, windowing systems, outlining tools, the mouse, among others) and since are secondary derivatives of this conceptual framework; I view the computer merely as a supportive tool."

"My goal for this short piece is to encourage the further development
of the framework’s technological cornerstone – an open hyperdocument system (OHS) ... And, now that World Wide Web (www) has opened people’s eyes to (a small portion of) hypermedia’s potential, we should expect active penetration into the hypermedia frontier – towards widely used OHS. In the limited space here, I’ll express some design thoughts (actually selected AUGMENT features) for the www’s continued evolution. ... Everything in the Work Environment is Live Hyperdocument Stuff: All knowledge products, such as email, notes, source code, to-do lists, work breakdown structures, status reports, design documents, user guides, trouble reports, and others are inherently hyperdocument objects. The infrastructure provides knowledge products with all the hyperdocument capabilities described here."
Posted at 6:59am on April 17, 2009
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
This is now available with the new Remember The Milk. Thanks for everyone's feedback on this!
Posted 8 years ago
rstackhouse says:
I wholeheartedly agree.

In my opinion, permalinks to tasks and lists (or at least lists if architecture prevents linking to individual tasks) is the one feature that RTM is missing.
Posted 15 years ago
charles.danoff says:
thank you rstackhouse.

what is the best way to notify the RTM creators about this idea?
Posted 15 years ago
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi charles.danoff,

Posting here is good. :)

You're also welcome to submit our suggestion form, but all posts on these forums are read and their feedback considered.
Posted 15 years ago
helgej says:
Kinda funny or sad: RTM already has permalinks, they are just well hidden. Go to the Atom feed of any list and you will find permalinks. So I guess the RTM staff doesn't really want this feature.
Posted 12 years ago
helgej says:
I am sure a Java Script guru could provide a bookmarklet which opens any keyword.
Posted 12 years ago
helgej says:
Well, now I found links for Lists:

You can find the list ID by looking at the print, iCalendar, or Atom feed links (they all follow the /username/listid/ pattern too).

This URL will take you straight to that list (as long as you're logged in).
Posted 12 years ago
exoticabazaar says:
thank you
Posted 12 years ago
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