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Nintendo DSiWare app

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The DSi just hit the west, and it now allows the ability to download content directly too it. Nintendo has held a firm stance on the ground that they only make games and focus only on games, but it seems more and more software products are coming out for the device that aren't really games. Perhaps a task manager is in order...

I believe the time is ripe for a GTD solution to be introduced onto the Nintendo's handheld. Here are a number of reasons why:
1) There is a huge install base.
2) tons of kids of a DS, but not a blackberry or a iphone
3) adults enjoy the experiences the ds offers, but don't have a reason to tote it around with them other than for entertainment
4) the unique features the DSi has to offer could potentially make a more user friendly way of tracking and completing tasks
5) It would be a great way to enter the game market

My thought are, to make it the most efficient GTD tool on any mobile platform, it has to be fast, efficient, and versatile to convince people to buy and use it instead of they're blackberry, windows mobile, or iphone. Therefore, to most quickly input a task, I thought using voice notes and images would work as the quickest way to input a task with the greatest amount of information in the smallest amount of time. The other important parts of the task could be refined later when the user has more time.

Just imagine for a minute. Students are walking out of class, and the teacher assigns 20 questions from a page in the text book to be done by next class period. A student with this software could pop open the DSi, take a picture of the information written on the board, and give a short voice note regarding what the assignment is, all in less than a minute.

I understand there are a number of hurdles to overcome trying to implement almost an exact version of the current RTM on the DSi. It has limited storage for saving pictures, voice notes, and tasks, it has limited internet access to actively sync tasks to a main account, limited processing power that could slow the searching and filtering ability that would be necessary organize tasks, and the limited capacity available to the core program could make the software a local only solution, instead of syncing with an online account...

BUT, those limitations aside, I believe there is a way around those limitation, and should the software be designed the way I have it envisioned in my own mind, I know it would be popular and would potentially be a must have for every owner of this device.

Now, with that out of the way, what does the rest of the RTM community think of this?

Is it possible to create such a piece of software for the DSi?
Is the price point of $8 a pop a reasonable cost to warrent the development of such software?
What kind of resources would it take to make it?
Is it worth the effort of making a product that isn't obviously isn't a game, for a game entertainment system?
How could these ideas be improved?

And lastly, would you use it?
Posted at 8:13pm on April 10, 2009
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Make it free!
Posted 10 years ago
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Posted 10 years ago
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