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Ability to duplicate tasks

airolg says:
Is there a way to "copy" a task?

I have about 25 things I do in my morning routine and would like to list them all, but I don't want to enter them all and go back and enter "today," "every day," "8am," etc. so I'd rather copy it 25 times and just change the title.

Better solution?
Posted at 7:18pm on October 12, 2005
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
You can now duplicate tasks; please see our blog post.
Posted 10 years ago
ab (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi airolg,

Thanks for your suggestion. This is something we're looking at implementing.

At the moment, you could try emailing yourself the task 25times, that should be relatively quick, then select all those tasks from Inbox and move them to the list you want.

Emailing yourself a task might still be buggy at the present moment, but I'm sure it's being worked on as I type.
Posted 12 years ago
airolg says:
That would be great if we could copy tasks and save their individual settings along with them, especially during the initial account setup.

I tried emailing but it means I still have to go into each task and change the task settings.

Is there a way to set the defaults for a new task? The default due date for a new task is set to "never," (which is virtually useless), I'd rather it default to "today," at least. Same goes for repeating and time...

Something to think about...I'll go see if my settings allows me to change these defaults.
Posted 12 years ago
willswords says:
I just wanted to keep this request alive -- this is probably the one thing that keeps me from jumping in 100% to using RTM -- if I could create reusable lists of tasks, I would drop my other productivity software.
Posted 11 years ago
ranbarton Power Poster says:
How about daily recurrences?
Posted 11 years ago
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