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Ability to rename tags

msg35 says:
how about making it possible to rename tags like in
Posted at 7:57pm on March 1, 2006
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
You can now rename tags; please see our blog post.
Posted 9 years ago
ojaio says:
would be nice
Posted 11 years ago
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Do you mean rename an entire set of tags? For example, say I have a bunch of tasks tagged with 'a', and want to change that tag to 'b' instead?

Are there other tag management features that people would find useful?
Posted 11 years ago
oetzitterd says:
Also renaming existing Tags. Now when you click a tag you will get a list with the task which have that tag attached.
Posted 11 years ago
ranbarton Power Poster says:
I think the ability to apply a given tag to multiple entries at once is key.

Additionally, if I have 5 'car' tasks and 3 'auto' tasks, being able to rename all of the 'auto' tags to 'car' on one step would be slick.
Posted 11 years ago
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