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Ability to duplicate tasks

manning999 says:
There is an option to duplicate a selected task in RTM, but it is not available in the iPhone app. Can you implement this feature in the iPhone app someday?
Posted at 12:46am on February 21, 2009
krissy says:
Hi manning999

Thanks for the suggestion! I'll make a note of it.
Posted 15 years ago
mohanlpuri says:
I agree. I like the IPHONE version and look for some new features. Duplicate task will be very useful
Posted 15 years ago
nah.why says:
i explained how i use duplicate tasks and why at
Posted 12 years ago
alex.vasenin says:
I'm missing duplicate task feature so much on my iPad (and iPhone too)
Posted 11 years ago
zhzexi says:
+1 need this
Posted 11 years ago
nah.why says:
I like the new iPhone app, but it still does not have a way to duplicate tasks. I'm voting for it (again).
Posted 7 years ago
anilgidwani says:
This is a much required indispensable feature!
Posted 6 years ago
cblupo says:
I wrote up a solution for this with MilkScript + IFTTT

Video demo

Add the tag "duplicate" which triggers an IFTTT action which runs a MilkScript which copies over properties onto a new task
Posted 14 weeks ago
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