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Microsoft One Note integration

krysta says:
Any thought on interacting with the task function of microsoft one note? Would be super convenient. . .
Posted at 4:32pm on January 16, 2009
krysta says:
No, huh.
Posted 15 years ago
krissy says:
Hi krysta
I've added it to the suggestion log. If I hear of any possible implementation I will let you know. Thanks for the suggestion :)
Posted 15 years ago
jon.rollins says:
One big vote for this one...
Posted 15 years ago
jrentergent says:
that would be great
Posted 11 years ago
mlcc2000 says:
Agreed ....would be nicel
Posted 11 years ago
(closed account) says:
Not just the task function. But please let us also link to OneNote pages just like for Evernote.
Posted 7 years ago
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