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Show a random task

pradery says:
Sometimes getting things done is like playing a game.

I would find interesting a new feature that gives me a randon task to do among all my tasks in some configurable lists.
Posted at 3:26pm on January 13, 2009
markstansbury says:
That would be a nice feature or list option. It would be helpful, for me at least, where I have a paralyzingly long list of things to accomplish and need to get started with SOMETHING.

(I suppose I could just pick one... But, then again, the paralysis.)
Posted 6 years ago
nkoder says:

I really like this idea. I wanted to create some custom search, then have chosen N item randomly from this search and the to create list from that.

Something like "There are three things from your long list of things to do."

After completing one of these random task, it will be replaced by new randomly selected or the whole random list could be generated again.
Posted 5 years ago
kmovalson says:
YES! I have a die at my desk that I toss to tell me which task to do right now. (seriously...) I submitted this a few months ago as a "random" option along side sort by due date / priority / etc.
Posted 3 years ago
lech says:
Is there an advanced search feature already (e.g. for smart lists) that allows just that?
Posted 1 year ago
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