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Keyboard shortcut support for different languages and keyboards

yurimalinov says:
Well, I use non-english keyboard by default so no of shortcuts works when I try to work. And with switching of layout shortcuts become... well... not shortcuts.

So suggestion is to have different shortcuts tables for different languages. Maybe it would be just the same list but in other languages.

This service is very promising for every day work (if it have suitable shortcuts). So I could offer my help in solving this issue. Either with providing translation for my language or even with some js conding. Such improvement should be quite simple.
Posted at 7:05pm on December 17, 2008
heman777 says:
My language is russian. I have a same problem as this guy.

Please Please Please solve this!!
Posted 9 years ago
abblyapp says:
Same problem here. So its VERY uncomfortable to switch between languages 1)to use shortcuts and then 2)to enter tha data
Please solve this. Thanks
Posted 9 years ago
abblyapp says:
Hello! Does anyone hear us?
Is this going to be fixed?
Because this one is soooo annoying...!!!
Being unable to use shortcuts in RTM is awfull, because its power is in shortcuts.
Don't think that it's very difficult for developpers to fix it, so please please please do.
All russian speaking community will thank you.
Posted 9 years ago
orth says:
Hey, developers!
Look to the other similar services! They've done this feature, so it's realizable and works fine..
We really need this!
Posted 6 years ago
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