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Ability to set a due date for a particular tag

stagger82 says:

some tasks occur periodically, like shopping for groceries. Many people go to the grocery store on certain days of the week, every week. So am I. It would be nice if my spouse could send me a task with goods to get, tag them as "groceries" and rely on me getting them on my next shopping tour without knowing when it is.

Therefore the "groceries" tag would need to be a special tag that automatically sets the due date of the event to, let's say, next tuesday thursday depending on what's next. If I miss the item on tuesday it would automatically be postponed for my next tour on thursday.

In short:

1. I create a special tag "groceries" that is due every week on tuesday and thursday.
2. My spouse sends me a task that is tagged with "groceries".
3. If today is friday, the task is automatically set due for tuesday.
4. If I miss the item on tuesday, it will automatically be postponed to thursday.

What do you think?
Posted at 7:40am on December 3, 2008
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