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Add a 'News' forum

mddperkins says:
I would like to see a new forum called News which would contain any site news and updates, such as the topics here and here.

New topics within this forum should only be creatable by the site administrators; of course, users should still be able to respond.

I think this would greatly improve communication of the latest updates with RTM - having them all in one central place. It is currently quite hard to keep track of what's going on when the new topics are buried within the other forums. For example, I would be able to keep track of which bugs have been fixed, what new features have been added, and these would be easy to reference back to at a later date.

What do others think?
Posted at 12:09pm on January 27, 2006
ranbarton Power Poster says:
A central place is always useful... maybe the RTM blog might be of use to you:

And their news feed:
Posted 12 years ago
mddperkins says:
These are great; although they lack the main feature of a forum - the ability for people to post comments.

Also, I do not regularly check these pages: They are not updated often enough, and do not contain all of the information posted on the forum. I do however check the forum several times per week so will immediately notice if something new has been added. The messages are already being posted so I feel that it would be great to have them in one central repository.

With RTM being all about improving organisation and time management, I believe that this would be another step towards that.
Posted 12 years ago
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
mddperkins, great suggestion!

We'll think about how we want to do this, but a news forum is sounding good to me :)
Posted 12 years ago
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