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Ability to complete tasks from the Overview screen

pattygolsteijn says:
Right now it is not possible to set a task to complete in the overview. First you select a task, then you go to a list and then you can complete. Sometimes I forget to go back to the overview and at the end of the day when I click overview again, I find out that I have missed tasks.
So to just complete a task in the overview would be wonderful.
Posted at 3:11pm on September 18, 2008
raymond.bergmark Power Poster says:
You could duplicate the Overview layout using smart lists. That way you can abandon the Overview altogether and use the Tasks view instead, much more configurable.
Posted 9 years ago
omb says:
I second it. Why not have the "Overview"-lists being formatted like every other list? Why should the user learn about the differences of a overview list compared to the rest of the lists?

Don´t make me think ;-)
Posted 9 years ago
rossgoodman says:
I agree with all above.

I have manually re-created the overview content using smart lists.

To think of the coding effort that must have gone into "removing" the functionality !

Posted 9 years ago
mariano.benitez says:
+1 you should be able to take actions in the overview. You should also be able to see time estimates.
Posted 9 years ago
dylan.eiler says:
I actually just posted a similar idea today. So it is +1 for me. I would love to be able to manage my tasks from overview.
Posted 8 years ago
leah.shalom Power Poster says:
You can do this with one of the Greasemonkey/User scripts "Improved Remember the Milk Overview" which you can download and use at
Posted 8 years ago
macmusz says:
Posted 8 years ago
macmusz says:
One more thing.
For me, the overview is good for acting.
The tasks view is good for planning.
When I act I don't want to switch to planning. And vice-versa.
Basic task actions in overview would be great.
..and would it be closer to GTD?

and +1 once again. :)
Posted 8 years ago
amirmasoudabdol says:
More overview feature Please
Such as:
Selecting Task, Completing, Postpone, Custom List on Overview
Posted 8 years ago
darthbeep says:
Another vote for editing tasks from overview, especially since i like the way the "weekly planner' prints out much better than the way the task lists do.
Posted 8 years ago
cww says:
And another. Any chance of making this possible?
Posted 8 years ago
mquinnsweeney says:
People have been asking for this for 3 years and it still hasn't happened? Is there any reason not to make this change? I can't think of a downside
Posted 6 years ago
ilyse.kazar says:
Not just complete tasks. Also postpone, view/edit notes, and enter new tasks without having to switch out of overview. Please see
Posted 6 years ago
waldir.leoncio says:
I think it is clear that the Overview must be revamped. The two most important changes for me are this and idea #462 (
Posted 6 years ago
bicer says:
Much needed. I always feel like going to my desktop instead of updating/competing the task from my phone. Lots of room for improvement here.
Posted 6 years ago
mikabren says:
I agree with macmusz.
I really like the Overview since it's so neat (no Bold or Underlined tasks, no tags). It's really easy on the eyes.

However, when I check the Overview and want to complete a task, I'm redirected to the list where the task exists and get bombarded with all the tasks that aren't in the Overview. It feels like an overload error....

So +1
Posted 6 years ago
ilyse.kazar says:
It's so great on my Android to be able to complete tasks from the Overview screen, cannot the same programming logic be applied to the web app?
Posted 6 years ago
chrisweeksnz says:
This is required and seemingly overdue… please get this functionality in!
Posted 4 years ago
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