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Mobile access

thepyrolives says:
Create a page viewable by a WAP 2.0 enabled phone so people can view and edit their tasks from their cell phones.
Posted at 6:29pm on January 17, 2006
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Tim, today :)

See the blog post for details.
Posted 14 years ago
dav says:
Posted 14 years ago
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Thanks for the suggestion -- we're definitely interested in making Remember The Milk accessible from as many places as possible :)
Posted 14 years ago
bfbraum says:
Yes yes yes! I signed on specifically with this suggestion in mind.

I don't know how the editing part would work, but I could imagine an interface like the one on Netflix: you see a list of n items, you can put numbers on a few of them and click "reorder," and the website automatically inserts them into the requested locations, reordering the remaining entries accordingly. Would also be nice to be able to check them off (perhaps numbering them as zero could accomplish this?)

An add-item facility would be very nice too, in that it would obviate the need to switch over & do e-mail from the phone.
Posted 14 years ago
coliv77 says:
Amen too!
Posted 14 years ago
adame says:
I'd also like to see this.

You could list all the tasks and make them clickable. The user clicks them to change the status to done.

Something simple.
Posted 14 years ago
dav says:
Bumpola. Still would love this now that I have WAP browsing. Even a non-superfluous-ajax version would be lovely so that Opera Mini could crunch it down for my phone
Posted 14 years ago
abhishekg says:
This is absolutely essential. Please give this to us soon! Please!
Posted 14 years ago
ranbarton Power Poster says:
I love technology as much as any gadget head, but permit to ask why printing out a list or lists doesn't give you what you need, in a mobile fashion?

You can add items while mobile via email, and it's pretty easy (and satisfying) to check off all the things you did during the day when you get back to your computer.

Paper is a very useful, robust medium, and works well for me routinely.

As for RTM, I'd love to see them focus on their API so we could get a Dashboard and Konfabulator widget for more supple access while online, but that's just me.
Posted 14 years ago
quepol says:
as a first step, who cares about WAP? how about something like backpack and gmail have done? a VERY simple slim HTML layout...

heck, even something like the very early mobile stuff 30boxes is doing. it's not much, but you can get dates in very easily.
Posted 14 years ago
gregoryg says:
At least some type of mobile viewing and even limited editing would be a big help. I don't want to have to worry about priinting out lists.
Posted 14 years ago
brento says:
I agree, I'd vote for this too. I'm using a Cingular 8125 PocketPC phone, and I'm struggling because I'm addicted to both the phone and RememberTheMilk! I got a temporary workaround by using MiniMo, the PocketPC version of Mozilla, but it's dog slow:

It renders the pages pretty badly and takes forever to load, but at least I can grab my tasks from anywhere.

Ranbarton - printing works when you know what tasks to print ahead of time, but it doesn't scale when you've got 100-150 tasks to track at any given time, and they change from day to day.
Posted 14 years ago
hverta says:
Here here!

Mobile access would be great. Simple html interface would suffice but how about making a small mobile Java (midp) application similar to mobile Google maps:
Posted 14 years ago
heathweaver says:
Anything at all would be nice for starters, as stated above, even just viewing the list with no action would be great.

Then at least you could have your grocery list with you when you're at the store without printing it out.

(Don't forget PSP's when figuring out a solution)
Posted 14 years ago
timandrews says:
I am in absolute agreement with everyone else. A mobile version is absolutely essential. Do you have a time scale when this might be released?
Posted 14 years ago
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