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Support for 'every other' repeating tasks (e.g. 'every other weekday', 'every other year', etc)

hubs says:
it would be noice if you could add an "every other" command that could be added to any repeating task creating the ability to make tasks due:

every other weekday
every other year
every other 3rd wednesday of the month (soon)
Posted at 11:37pm on January 13, 2006
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Sure, we can look at adding this.

I know that 'every other' would usually mean 'every 2nd' ('every other week' = 'every 2nd week').

What does 'every other weekday' mean though? Would it mean 'every mon, wed, and fri', or something else?

If anyone who uses 'other' could explain this (we don't use it in Australia), this would be appreciated :)
Posted 14 years ago
hubs says:
yeah, it would mean every mon, wed, fri the first week and every tue and thur the next week.

for some months every other wednesday would fall on the first week and for others it would fall on the second week depending.
Posted 14 years ago
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Ah, I thought it would alternate each week, but just wanted to confirm this -- thanks for the explanation!
Posted 14 years ago
timlewis_atlanta says:
I'd really like to see this :

"Every 2nd Tuesday of the month"

Taking it one step further :

"Every last Friday of the month"

And a logical progression might be :

"Every last Friday of every other month".
Posted 14 years ago
(closed account) says:
I like timlewis_atlanta's idea. Being able to specify a spot in a month would be really handy.
Posted 9 years ago
dbsk says:
This is exactly identical to "every 2 days" or "every 2 weekdays"
Posted 2 years ago
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