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Windows Vista Sidebar gadget

(closed account) says:
I'd like to see a RTM gadget for Windows Vista Sdebar.

Posted at 6:08am on July 5, 2008
gungho says:
Posted 11 years ago
vandop says:
me too:p
Posted 11 years ago
boredashell says:
same here~
Posted 11 years ago
slavy13 says:
me too
Posted 11 years ago
kwill says:
This is not just a me too, but a feature request :)

One important feature of an RTM gadget is that it should be LONG (like the RTM Gmail sidebar) not a dinky little thing like some Vista sidebar gadgets are. Is this possible?
Posted 11 years ago
calrion says:
+1 I'd love to see a Vista sidebar gadget. If something's made available for Windows, then I'd definitely prefer a Windows Vista gadget over a Konfabulator gadget as then I don't need to install an extra client.
Posted 11 years ago
calrion says:
Sorry for the double-post, but I just read what kwill said.

I second this suggestion, but would like to add something: it'd be really great if you could resize the length of the gadget, so you could see as many or as few tasks as you needed.
Posted 11 years ago
lono2000 says:
Me too! I third the resize feature.
Posted 11 years ago
capebretoner says:
I am wondering if anyone has done anything like this? I am willing to put up some dough to get it done
Posted 11 years ago
lori.renner says:
I was hoping to find this too!
Posted 11 years ago
emsedmak says:
me twelve! i'd love to see this implemented. should definitely be resizable (if it's simpler, maybe just "small", "medium" and "large" options?). c'mon, we've got two different modules for Linux, but nothing for Windows? i'm stuck with this crappy OS at work, might as well get my RTM tasks on there!
Posted 11 years ago
aloshka says:
I'm a .net developer and it seems like these guys have an API, I could probably develop one.
Posted 11 years ago
thehiggins says:
I've been hoping for one for a long time. If someone could make one, that would be awesome
Posted 11 years ago
jjshore says:
I think a RTM Vista gadget would be very helpful.
Posted 11 years ago
eleazar says:
You guys might want to check this out. I haven't tried it, but it seems like it might work until an official widget is released. :)
I found it on LifeHacker.
Posted 11 years ago
ilab says:
try this:
Posted 11 years ago
tkozlow says:
yes please
Posted 7 years ago
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