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Ability to 'SMS this list' to your phone

bbeetle says:
I love the daily text I get with my tasks for the day.

I wish I could resend that whenever I wanted,

or even better -- if there was a button, that at anytime would send all the selected (checked) tasks to your phone, in that same style list as the daily list.

Or perhaps, a button, that allowed you to do that for any set of search results.

Point is, right before I leave the house, I often have a great Idea, of what I want to get done on this particular outing.

I could just print, and carry a paper with me, but that seems wasteful, when I could just referrence a text on my phone.

So yea, basically my suggestion, is to be able to send to phone, anything you can print -- but ofcourse in a simpler format -- kinda like the daily SMS format is now.
Posted at 11:54pm on June 19, 2008
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