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Ability to sync Smart Lists

scm910 says:
I've searched the forums on this topic and found nothing so here goes...I'd like to be able to sync only a Smart List I've created with my Blackberry, rather than the massive amount of lists and tasks I've created. Specifically, I have a Smart List for Next Actions, and I really only want those displayed on my Blackberry. However, under the Lists tab in Settings, I cannot include the Smart List in the Sync.


-Stephen M
Posted at 5:52pm on June 11, 2008
hansd says:
I also tried it, but it seems only real lists work. Seems logical, otherwise you could get into syn issues.
I do not use a BB but a WM6 device using a 3rd party app for tasklist management. With that I'm able to filter my whole set of tasks (eg: NA are prio 1, undated or due next x days) so I see only the subset that i need.
Posted 9 years ago
scm910 says:
Filtering is a good work-around for the time being, although BB filtering/sorting leaves a lot to be desired
Posted 9 years ago
tutunkommon says:

I don't understand why smartlists should be harder than static lists. Could you explain more? I posted on this in a couple places on the forums as well as sending an email. I have gotten no response from anyone regarding this.

If there is a real reason that this wouldn't work, I would love to hear it. Since MilkSync runs periodically, as opposed to constant updates, I would think that grabbing a snapshot of the smartlist would create, in effect, a static list to be sync'ed against. Correct me if I am wrong.


Posted 9 years ago
nicemd says:
Posted 9 years ago
hansd says:
the challenge would be if eg on your mobile a task that is not in scope for the current list of the smartlist. This could be:
- it is a new task on the mobile
- it is an already existing task, but not in scope anymore for the smartlist, eg out of date range
Posted 9 years ago
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