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view task with tags on iphone

ladalske says:
I would like to be able to view my tags along with my tasks on the iphone RTM. That would be helpful to seperate my tasks. Sometimes my task will be duplicate or similar but the tags associate the task to the project.
Posted at 12:04am on May 21, 2008
pdm says:
I was wishing for this today as well. I notice that if you are viewing your "Shopping" list for instance, the tasks are listed out in bold text. but beneath each task item it says "Shopping". I see 7 task lists on my screen, and the word "Shopping" is below each of them. It'd be more useful to make this a list of tags perhaps, and have them be links to show all tasks with that tag. Although, clicking on a link inside that might not be possible, the entire line is a link to task details. But, listing the tags out would be more useful than displaying "Shopping" 7 times.
Posted 10 years ago
quazie says:
I 3rd this request.
Posted 10 years ago
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