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Option to include alarms in the iCalendar feed

pfeff says:
It's so easy to add a line to put an alarm on an iCal feed. When you subscribe to the feed you have the option of disabling alarms.

At the moment I'm relying on a text message to turn up on my phone courtesy of Twitter. When this works it's cool but sometimes it doesn't and that's annoying. It's also essentially pointless when I sync my phone every night and most of my tasks are in my iCal already but without alarms.

I can't believe nobody else has requested this. It seems like the most obvious thing in the world.

Thanks for an otherwise brilliant product!
Posted at 12:41pm on April 22, 2008
talmor82 says:
I agree , it is the most obvious thing in the world.

Can't wait for it...

I love your service, Thanks
Posted 10 years ago
fandelost says:
I second this, it would be really useful :)
Posted 10 years ago
modrama says:
Yes please! When will this be ready? Pfff...
Posted 10 years ago
rohtbart says:
Yes, please.
Posted 9 years ago
krissy says:
Thanks for the suggestion! It's on the list for the developers to have a look at. Can't confirm when/if it will be included in an upcoming release at this time - sorry!
Posted 9 years ago
mariano.benitez says:
Posted 9 years ago
(closed account) says:
Yes please - this really is the missing link in so many task management apps for the Mac/iPhone user..
Posted 9 years ago
petedavies says:
Yes me too. The ical feed makes RTM the best task manager out there, but absence of alarms is really annoying.
Posted 9 years ago
(closed account) says:
yes please - initially i thought i was too dumb to set the alarms up. would not have expected, that there are no alarms for ical from remember the milk...
Posted 9 years ago
gidgidonihah says:
This would be great.
It's not as high priority for me since I also use the RTM app for the iPhone and alerts will pop up with that, but I would like specific items to have alerts through the calendar.
Posted 9 years ago
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