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Quadrant view

(closed account) says:
This is a it crazy, but I think it could be hugely useful and maybe quite popular with GTDers...

Stephen Covey in "First Things First" describes a 2x2 matrix of tasks, where each task is either:

* important and urgent
* important and not urgent
* not important and urgent
* not important and not urgent

It would be nice to have a tab like the "Overview" where tasks in each list could be displayed in quadrants like Covey's. RTM could automatically figure out whether a task is urgent based on its deadline and work out whether the task important based on it's priority.

Posted at 12:05pm on December 23, 2005
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Cool, I've never heard of having tasks in a matrix -- I'll have to check it out. Not sure how feasible having a quadrant may be, but we are looking into additional views that we can provide, so we'll keep it in mind.
Posted 18 years ago
calebegg says:
Brilliant, great idea!
Posted 18 years ago
(closed account) says:
Well, i reckon it shouldn't be too can use CSS floats to make a 2x2 matrix (or just place them in a list, it doesn't really have to *look* like quadrants, though it would be nice). The rest should just be a little bit of scripting...if the APIs were public yet I'd be tempted to have a go myself :)
Posted 18 years ago
oliver.kershaw says:
Absolutely! My dad taught me this system in, oooh, 1994? And it's served me very well since (when I've remembered to use it).

I would love this as an addition.
Posted 13 years ago
peter.wolk says:
Priorities can be used that way. Or tags #urgent #important ... and then create four smartlists. What would the advantage of seeing those four lists simultaneously on screen be?
Posted 12 years ago
waldir.leoncio says:
I used to work with that matrix, until the day that I realized it was silly to even care about tasks that are not important or urgent, so that quadrant was always blank for me. Now, if you agree with me that three quadrants are enough, maybe you can use RTM's priority codes to work around this issue.
Posted 12 years ago
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