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Bubble Map view

poormattie says:
I'd really, really, love this type of ToDo view. Please consider it.

Bubble Maps:
Posted at 3:30am on December 14, 2005
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
That's a pretty cool view -- thanks for the link!
Posted 11 years ago
poormattie says:
I use these quite frequently on paper, but they would be so much better in software. On paper, you have to recreate them everyday, moving the unfinished tasks to the new sheet so you have room to add more. Software could do this much more intelligently.

The above was an indirect link, here's a direct link for those who are curious:
Posted 11 years ago
ernal says:
Looks pretty similar to Mind mapping, except on a smaller scale.
Good mind mapping software and examples can be found here
Posted 11 years ago
rakesh says:
A brilliant online mindmapping tool I use and love it is at www. And like RTM, its quality and its FREE!

Posted 11 years ago
rakesh says:
Posted 11 years ago
rusharound says:
Hi Emily -
Today I was thinking about my to-dos and started doodling a bubble chart - and then came here and found others want the same thing.

You asked (on the other thread) how it would be done. It's actually really easy:

Y Axis: Priority
X Axis: When due (I have mine set so things due now are at the far rt of the X Axis
Bubble size: Number of hours to complete

Anyone out there handy enough with the API to make this happen? (Crossing fingers) RusharoundGmail <--- phonetic
Posted 8 years ago
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