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Snooze option via IM

hershelsr says:
I receive reminders via IM (I use Yahoo presently but that's not relevant as I would use a different one if need be) and for that, that's the best feature of RTM.

WHat I would like is to be able to type back to RTM, "snooze 5 minutes" or some such and have RTM remind me again after the snooze is up.

Hershel Robinson
Posted at 9:23am on December 11, 2005
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Interesting idea -- we'll definitely be looking at ways to allow interaction with RTM via IM, so we'll keep this suggestion in mind :)
Posted 14 years ago
ranbarton Power Poster says:
I'd use this every day if it was available.
Posted 14 years ago
teeters says:
I had a similar idea.

I have ICQ open a lot while I'm at work. Considering that, it would be great to be able to message rtmreminder on ICQ with basic commands. The one that I'd really, really love to see is simply "reminders" or "remind". This would make the ICQ bot resend any tasks that I have to get done throughout the day.

For security reasons, I don't use IM history logs, so generally, when I close a message window, whatever text was within is gone. Being able to get my RTM reminders quickly simply by messaging the bot with "remind" would be wonderful.
Posted 14 years ago
indigoviolet says:
i'd use snooze too.
Posted 14 years ago
luckyladyxx says:
I would love to have a snooze option, too, but for the android app.
Posted 6 years ago
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