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Support connecting tasks with events/contacts using other languages

oeconom says:
Hi RTM Team,

I love the tought and functionality of having calendar events and/or contacts automatically linked to my tasks.
Unfortunately it doesen't work in other languages (e.g. german). Saying "Call xy" will give me the choice to select the rigth "xy". Saying "XY anrufen" (which is exactly the same in german, but due to the different grammar with an different word order) doesn't do so.
Also it doesn't recognize my calendar events...

Hope to see this in the future working.
If I can help in smoe way, just let me know! ;-)

Best wishes,
Posted at 11:29am on January 11, 2008
oeconom says:
P.S.: In the first step it would be great to have the ability to connect contacts and /or calendar entries to tasks manually...!
Posted 12 years ago
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