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Ability to click on the tags in the list view, to quickly see tasks with that tag

jamezzz says:
I would be very nice if the tags listed next to the Tasks in the task lists were actual hotlinks. Clicking anywhere else in a task's row would select the tasks as it does now, but clicking over one the tags in that row would take you to that context.

Here's why...

So I currently keep all my actionable tasks in the Inbox. Then I tag them by contexts. These context include the standard GTD style contexts (e.g. @home, @office, etc), but they also contain project, values, roles and goal type contexts. These types of contexts are preceded with a '.' (e.g. .van, .father, .engineer)

So since RTM doesn't support hierarchical tasks (yet), I have 4 separate Lists called Projects, Values, Roles and Goals. These lists hold tasks that would normally be the top of the hierachy for say a Project or a Goal. However, they do not contain any of the actionable tasks, those are in the Inbox. Helps me focus on the big picture when reviewing these high level contexts.

So under Projects I might have a 'Repair Van' project tagged as '.van' and I'll assign some priority to the project as a whole. Then in the Inbox I'll have tasks like 'Have transmission leak checked' and 'Have suspension noise checked', both tagged as '.van, @errands'.

So when I'm reviewing my projects and see my 'Repair Van' project with the '.van' tag I'd like to simply click THAT tag, right next to my project to jump over and review those the tasks for that project. Instead of finding the tag in the tag cloud and jumping to the task list that way. Seems like a small issue, but when you have alot of projects, values, roles, and goals, that tag cloud can get pretty busy.

So why do use the Inbox to keep ALL my tasks instead of using different lists? Well, when using multiple lists some of my SmartLists had to reference multiple lists so then when I went to add a task via that SmartList RTM punted and just put the task in the Inbox where I'd have then move it to the appropriate list. So how do I tell when new tasks come in? Simple...I have SmartList that shows my untagged tasks. If it doesn't have a tag, then it new and I haven't processed it yet.
Posted at 6:08pm on January 10, 2008
geojono says:
This has already been implemented.
Posted 9 months ago
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