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Send an email to request a response with a particular list or search

ted.teske says:
similar to the way it works in

also an automated daily email to of a particular list (for example my next actions list) would be nice
Posted at 1:43am on November 27, 2007
graham.reeds says:
I was thinking about this last week. It would be handy to be able to use a search term as basis for the email.

So on the reminder page as a replacement for the normal one an edit box to place the search terms in. So I could use "due:this week" to get all the tasks that are due this week. The default would be "due:today" (keeping the same functionality as before).

This would be handy to see what deadlines are coming up so you can arrange your time accordingly.

Posted 10 years ago
ranbarton Power Poster says:
It would be cool if you emailed RTM with tag:foo and all of your open foo tasks were returned, sorted by date, I guess.

Many suggestions for enhancing email interaction with RTM have come up in the past, e.g.:
"Send weekly planner by e-mail"
"Send list as text/email to mobile phone"
"email lists"
"Daily email summary of overdues"
"Email Reminders Sort by list"

Lucky for Bob, he won't run out of work anytime soon.
Posted 10 years ago
graham.reeds says:
A further extension would be to create separate email tasks.
So I could email my work account with work related items and my home account with other stuff.

It looks to me as the operators will essentially run the site, write the code and replace the users as well!!
Posted 10 years ago
mr.zeno says:
+1 I like the way of communicating/querying my task-list via email
Posted 9 years ago
rtmraphael says:
I've been asking for this as well. Would also like to be able to "interact" with the emailed reminders, by replying to them (like with iWantSandy) and updating specific details (like due date, tag, list etc.)

Wouldnt seem hard to for RTM to add though, and would allow for more robust interaction with tasks, especially via blackberry, without having to visit mobile web page.
Posted 9 years ago
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