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iPhone Request: Clickable Phone Numbers

jakobo says:
It'd be nice to map the following regex:


To the iPhone magic tel: link


If this could be unobtrusively done using JS and getting the contents of elements with .task-name #task-name-text that would be even better.

(Sadly, there is no userscript.js for iPhone, else I'd have a working demo)
Posted at 9:01pm on November 14, 2007
jakobo says:
It seems to have eaten the tag... should read

[a href="tel:$3$4$5"]$3-$4-$5[/a]

replace [ and ] with your normal HTML tag delimiters.
Posted 11 years ago
jakobo says:
Just coming back to this topic after a while. It's possible to set up a page on your own host that can handle the tel: link.

for example, I have mine set to

It doesn't to anything truly awesome, just replaces all non 0-9 with '' and then makes a tel: link with iPhone meta tags to properly size it. clicking the link will then let you call a number. Just put the link in "URL" and you'll be able to make calls direct from your task page.

Being able to make a call from RTM was one of the last pieces I needed to help keep everything in one place. It's far from perfect, but it definitely works.
Posted 11 years ago
dki says:
I agree. This is the one missing link that would force me into buying the pro version for my iphone.
Posted 11 years ago
lightstorm says:
Would you mind sending me the code you created? I'd like to try your idea. I really need a telephone link!

Posted 11 years ago
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