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Ability to lock the number of times you're allowed to postpone a task

wcitypoe says:
Higher purpose: The idea is this: a postpone "lock", to prevent someone from easily postponing a task day after day after day until that little "Postponed:" says "35 times". :) RTM makes it very easy to take an undesirable task and bump it off the list of things you need to do today. Unfortunately, if you're not disciplined enough, you can keep on bumping that thing down, and down, and down ...

Suggested UI implementation: a small opened-padlock symbol next to the "Postponed:" item displayed on the sidebar panel. (Alternatively, a lock next to the Postpone button.) When not selected, it could be a very light gray. When selected, it could be something dramatic, say, black on a red background.

Suggested action: Clicking the lock locks away the ability to postpone. From that point, clicking 'postpone' brings up an error message advising of the postpone lock. The user then is required to actually go and unlock things before he can go ahead and postpone it -- requiring more of a conscious decision-making process than just hitting 'p'.

Suggested added preference: set in preferences, the ability to auto-lock after a certain number of postponements, so that, say, after you've postponed something 5 (or 10 or 20 or whatever) times, you're prevented from postponing it further.
Posted at 4:50pm on September 26, 2007
johnfoland says:
Not a bad idea, wcitypoe! I need that feature!
Posted 10 years ago
ranbarton Power Poster says:
Related to this, I wish to be able to sort by the number of postponements.

[The nutjob inside of me wants to calculate a ratio of postponements/day (either since entered or since first due) to then address the worst offenders, but I suspect that I'd be the only one using that idea.]
Posted 10 years ago
johnfoland says:
ranbarton - There are more nutjobs out there than you assume! :-)
Posted 10 years ago
wcitypoe says:
Ranbarton - not a bad idea, and it ties in with something I saw on ... I think it was toodledoo -- the idea being that one of the "pro" options there were *statistics* on your to-dos.
Posted 10 years ago
osamu2001 says:
I'd like deadline in addition to due.
(i.e. due:2007-09-27 deadline:2007-10-01)
Posted 10 years ago
eric.adler says:
I'd like to revive this request. Some of my tasks have a hard deadline, and can't be postponed. Other task dates are more like "preferred due date" and can be postponed as necessary.
Posted 5 years ago
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