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Include list when adding tasks

rickypc says:
Twitter integration with RTM is really amazing. However, one thing that's quite tedious is having all the tasks show up in INBOX; and then manually forwarding them to individual lists.

The twitter integration should be able to send tasks directly to a particular list. This could be done by the following syntax:

# task

So, I could do things like:

#work email John
#home fix windows

Many thanks for the wonderful site!
Posted at 1:32pm on August 10, 2007
emily (Remember The Milk) says:

You can now include the list with Smart Add; please see our blog post.

Posted 10 years ago
rickypc says:
Hmm..sorry somehow the post didn't show up correclty. The syntax could be:

#list task
Posted 12 years ago
nluchs says:
I agree, this would be nice. Although, for multiple-word tasks, this could lead to some ambiguity if someone's just trying to default to the inbox (e.g. "email John" adds task "John" to list "email," if it exists). So maybe some kind of delimiter would be better, e.g. -

# email John --work
Posted 12 years ago
rickypc says:
nluchs - you are right. Having a delimiter would make it better.

RTM development folks, interested?
Posted 12 years ago
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