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Show the total time estimated for completed tasks

guryushika says:
most of the time my colleagues ask me how much time i worked on a project or task in a month or a particular week (completed tasks) ... so i use the search feature but i need to uncomplete my completed tasks to see the summing of my time estimates, could be cool to have a summing in the completed section of the tasks...

thanks you very much for your fantastic tool
Posted at 4:15am on July 23, 2007
mend0za says:
Such functionality will be very helpful in any kind of reflection for an already completed tasks.

As for me, I need it for time management reflection on weekly and monthly basic (something like Agile Results system or similar).

Posted 5 years ago
floodmeadows says:
I'd find this really valuable!
I'm really surprised that so many people have voted this down. If you've voted down, would you mind jotting a quick note to say why you think it would be a bad idea? Cheers.
Posted 1 year ago
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