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Support for Textile in notes

bsolon says:
If you haven't already thought about adding Textile support to the notes associated with a task, I would like to suggest it as a possible feature. Thanks!
Posted at 5:07pm on July 14, 2007
szafranek says:
That would be great indeed. I often find myself creating ordered or bulleted list in notes. Adding simple formatting options would be very useful.
Posted 10 years ago
porterbhall says:
I agree.
Posted 10 years ago
alex.sereda says:
+1 vote
Posted 10 years ago
julian.gruber says:
For what kind of notes do you need textile support? OK, links would be cool, bold too, but textile would be to much I think.
Posted 10 years ago
graham.reeds says:
I've suggested putting blogging style buttons for labelling of tasks.

A drop list is far too clunky - a drop list is supposed to give you a choice of several different, but related options.
Posted 10 years ago
neil.good says:
I would value some simple formatting in the Notes part - I like to create bulleted and number lists. Could the formatting syntax used in TiddlyWiki be used - that looks lightweight but flexible?
Posted 10 years ago
dgcombs says:
Hmmm... I think I'd vote for this if it was Markdown... but Textile? maybe not.
Posted 6 years ago
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