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Finding the tasks that are oldest, most postponed or similar

kristus says:
I would love to be able to search for (and turn into smart lists) the oldest active tasks or the ones I have postponed the most. It would probably also require the possibility to limit the search results, or I would end up with a list containing all my tasks. Sorted by age or postponement rate.

Right now I have two searches which sort of do the job:

Oldest: addedBefore:2010-01-01 and status:incomplete
Most postponed: postponed:>30

But imagine the hypothetical day when I finish the tasks from before 2010 (yes, I am a procrastinator). I will then have to update the search to a more recent year. It works but it's not that pretty. Similarly, if I finish all the tasks I have postponed more than 30 times (admit that you didn't believe me when I said I was a procrastinator) I will have to wait until something new makes the list. I am certain I have several task lurking about at a measly 28 or 29 that could use some love right now rather than wait for the next rainy day or two. I set the number to 30 just to get a manageable list. Getting the five or ten most postponed would be both better and more elegant.

‘Just finish the tasks on time then’, I hear you say. All I can do is to repeat what a procrastinator I am, but at least it would have been much much worse without RTM. So thank you, Bob. I and my almost regularly watered plants thank you from all our hearts.
Posted at 8:19pm on April 1, 2019
kristus says:
I might sound narrow only asking for age and postpone count but it is my imagination that is narrow, not the possibilities. Since I posted I have realised that what I am looking for is simply the ability to sort a search by other criteria than date, priority or name, and then limiting the number of results.
Posted 5 years ago
(closed account) says:
You can use the All Tasks list and then sort by Added Date. That might be a Pro use feature, though, to sort by advanced sort.
Posted 2 years ago
kristus says:
Thanks, @geojono. Since the original post I have got a pro RTM for work and could confirm that it works (and is a pro feature). That does it well enough to not ask for more development to get exactly what I want. :-)
Posted 2 years ago
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