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Galaxy watch app

antoni.olive says:
The new Galaxy watch is likely to become popular, also among RTM users.
There is already an Apple watch app, so it is quite "natural" to have also a Galaxy watch one.
Posted at 9:23pm on November 9, 2018
sailor74 says:
and what about Wear OS support?
Posted 2 years ago
sailor74 says:
I would be very nice to know whether you are going to suppert tizen as well.

A yes or no would help a lot.

"Currently not" is not really satisfing answer ;-)
Posted 2 years ago
msurtees says:
PLEASE support the Galaxy watch....that's the only thing stopping me from getting Pro
Posted 2 years ago
martin.fawkes says:
Galaxy watch app would be awesome!
Posted 2 years ago
msurtees says:
I'll add one more "please."


Posted 2 years ago
trudydsouza says:
Posted 1 year ago
robertplevine says:
Yep, my renewal is coming due and I'm holding off because I'm considering going back to Apple, particularly because of the lack of app support for Tizen generally. I realize that is not necessarily the app developer's fault, but in this case, as much as I like RTM, I would be just as happy with Omnifocus.
Posted 1 year ago
richard.masters says:
Yes, this would be very useful and the Samsung Watches are a growing market.
Posted 1 year ago
sailor74 says:
One year pasted again without any feedback...

Why is there no support for this watch and tizen and/or Wear OS???

Looking forward to a feedback!
Posted 1 year ago
yuriy.daybov says:
It's a pity not to have at least read only app for Tizen (Galaxy Watch).
It is especially sad that pro-users are ignored here.
Looking forward to that app.
Posted 1 year ago
richard.masters says:
Disappointed that there is still no response to this.
Posted 12 months ago
hollowins says:
I love my new Galaxy Watch and I would be thrilled to enjoy viewing RTM on my watch. I don't need anything fancy. I would be more than happy if all it did was allow me to view only all tasks. That would be better than nothing! I would pay $5 for a Galaxy Watch App that does that. I'm currently using "My Notes In Gear" but it sucks so bad because it is so buggy. Tasks frequently disappear so it is not reliable. I need RTM on my watch!
Posted 8 months ago
umoncur says:
Is there a status update on that?
Posted 10 weeks ago
sleepymind says:
+1 from a galaxy watch owner
Posted 5 weeks ago
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