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Galaxy watch app

antoni.olive says:
The new Galaxy watch is likely to become popular, also among RTM users.
There is already an Apple watch app, so it is quite "natural" to have also a Galaxy watch one.
Posted at 9:23pm on November 9, 2018
sailor74 says:
and what about Wear OS support?
Posted 1 year ago
sailor74 says:
I would be very nice to know whether you are going to suppert tizen as well.

A yes or no would help a lot.

"Currently not" is not really satisfing answer ;-)
Posted 1 year ago
msurtees says:
PLEASE support the Galaxy watch....that's the only thing stopping me from getting Pro
Posted 1 year ago
martin.fawkes says:
Galaxy watch app would be awesome!
Posted 1 year ago
msurtees says:
I'll add one more "please."


Posted 1 year ago
trudydsouza says:
Posted 9 months ago
robertplevine says:
Yep, my renewal is coming due and I'm holding off because I'm considering going back to Apple, particularly because of the lack of app support for Tizen generally. I realize that is not necessarily the app developer's fault, but in this case, as much as I like RTM, I would be just as happy with Omnifocus.
Posted 7 months ago
richard.masters says:
Yes, this would be very useful and the Samsung Watches are a growing market.
Posted 7 months ago
sailor74 says:
One year pasted again without any feedback...

Why is there no support for this watch and tizen and/or Wear OS???

Looking forward to a feedback!
Posted 5 months ago
yuriy.daybov says:
It's a pity not to have at least read only app for Tizen (Galaxy Watch).
It is especially sad that pro-users are ignored here.
Looking forward to that app.
Posted 13 weeks ago
richard.masters says:
Disappointed that there is still no response to this.
Posted 3 weeks ago
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