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Month and Year as Due Date choices

mmoore100 says:
Sometimes I find out about an event a year in advance that I need to do tasks for (for example, a blog entry or article). I know that you can choose 1 year as a repeat choice, but I would like to see 1 month, 1 year in the choices for Due Date.
Posted at 1:58pm on November 5, 2018
mmoore100 says:
I just discovered this might not be needed because I can type "1 month" or "1 year" in the Calendar Picker's date field:

Quick date picker
Because less typing = more free time! When entering dates in words (e.g., “2 weeks”), you can now auto-complete your choice or select from frequently used dates.
Posted 1 year ago
mmoore100 says:
Correction: That should say "in the Due Date field," not the Calendar Picker's date field.
Posted 1 year ago
zarcom says:
This can be useful when you complete a form that you need to file every year with a government, like your income tax return or to pay an annual license fee. Usually their is a deadline date and a start date. With your income tax it is after you receive you earning confirmation and the deadline is a few months later.
Posted 1 year ago
dbsk says:
This feature has already been implemented.
For dates, see
For repeat intervals, see
When in doubt, try it!
Posted 1 year ago
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