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Tasks grouped per day view for "All Tasks" list as how it has been presented in the "This Week" list view

eddy.kwok says:

I love the current layout arrangement of the "This Week" task list, where each day tasks are grouped below a "Day Name" heading.

It should be a good idea to also implement that sort of layout for the other view, especially for the "All Tasks" list. The heading name should be the name of the day and the date, like so: "Friday, 19 Oct 2018".

I wish that this is indeed a simple request in term for the changes needed to be done by the programmer, yet should be of a useful feature for everyone:).
Posted at 10:54am on October 17, 2018
geojono says:
I think Smart Lists can accomplish this, and a whole lot more. You can then sort and group them as needed.
Posted 1 day ago
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