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BASIC Pro account / FULL Pro account

arr456 says:
Good day!

I was thinking about becoming a Pro member because I really use RTM a lot and find it powerful and useful. So I went and check what the Pro account offers...

Don't get me wrong; I don't think that 40 USD a year is expensive AT ALL. It's a more than fair price for what it offers - but I simply don't need so many functions and I don't find myself willing to pay for something I'm not going to use

From all the advantages a PRO account offers, I would surely use:
a) Subtasks
b) Advanced sorting.

But I don't:
- Use notifications on my phone
- Share lists with anyone
- Need colors on my tags
- I don't have / plan on getting a Smartwatch
- I'm not sinchronizing / integrating RTM with any other app (I don't even use the free account features)
- I don't use widgets.
- With regards to offline desktop app and themes, while I find it attractive, the fact is that I use RTM on my phone 98% of the time. So this isn't useful for me either.

Is to include two different plans:

- A FULL pro account for those who are really busy and fully use RTM's capacities
- And a BASIC Pro account for us who want to get just a little bit more organized - but without so many tools.

And example of this could be Dropbox, which has different plans based on their users' needs.

Thanks a lot for reading this and have a good day :)
Posted at 10:24am on September 22, 2018
(closed account) says:
I would think this to be a good idea, when the cost of the Pro subscription would increase somewhere to 50+ per year, but as it is now, with such a feature full free plan, it would be more trouble to carefully plan the price and feature set than needed, I think. E.g. I am paying basically for sorting and full history, and it is still worth the money, not to mention supporting the developers.
Posted 5 months ago
dbsk says:
I think the free version of Remember The Milk is unbelievably great. Honestly, I didn't really pay too much attention to what I was getting for the pro version; I just knew that I was using Remember The Milk so much that I wanted to ensure it was generating the revenue it needs to stay well maintained.
Posted 8 days ago
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