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Have Smart Lists automatically update when tags or lists are renamed

geojono says:
The latest Tips & Tricks blog post is about naming tags by category and I really like the idea (

However, when I rename a tag, all of the Smart Lists that are based on that tag no longer work because it's using the old tag name. So, I either have to abandon the idea of renaming my tags or I have to go through and redo all of the relevant Smart Lists—a time-consuming endeavor as I have several Smart Lists.

My idea is for Smart List formulas to automatically update when a tag or list is renamed.
Posted at 2:32pm on August 2, 2018
johan.nilsson says:
Perhaps a toggle in Settings for this behaviour would be appropriate. Or a popup with a question: "Hey! I see you renamed a tag. Would you also want to change your smartlists?".
Posted 7 months ago
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