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Search tags when adding

kevingough says:
Problem: I have a lot of tags and have to manually scroll through them alphabetically when adding them to a task.

Proposal: add search bar to list of tags so I can more quickly find the ones I want to add
Posted at 10:03pm on July 19, 2018
azclaire says:
You can shortcut tag assignment as long as you know the tag name you're looking for.

When you are assigning a tag via SmartAdd (#[tagName]) or clicking the tag icon (looks like bullet pointed list), start typing the tag name.

A list of existing tags that match your typing will display and you select from that list. For example, let's say I have these tags: Kitchen, Kangaroo, Knives, Kite, Kink, and Kerry.

I type K. The pulldown list contains all those tags. I type the next letter I. The pulldown list changes so only Kitchen, Kite, and Kink appear. Next letter is T - the list hold just Kitchen and Kite. And so on.

You can down arrow through pulldown list to select the tag you want or type until the one you want is at the top of the list and then press Return. Voila!

The process is also used to select list named. Hope this helps
Posted 3 years ago
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