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Add conditional statements (And/Or) as part of the criteria for Smart Lists

kmazor says:
Let me start by saying that I absolutely love smart lists. It really helps parse through my extensive task lists.

However, one thing I really want to see added to this feature is the ability to add conditional statements when creating a smart list.

An example for where this would be creating a list with tasks that have a:

- *Start Date* that *is before* Now
- OR *Start Date* that *Is Empty
- AND a *Due Date* within *3 Days* of Now

Since i try to only use start dates when they're necessary, this would let me still see tasks that are available but didn't have s specific start date. While this is just one scenario, I feel that the use cases for this sort of functionality are really vast.
Posted at 5:07pm on May 30, 2018
kmazor says:
Since posting this I've discovered that this is possible when customizing lists in the query editor
Posted 5 years ago
(closed account) says:
Yes, this is already a feature.
Posted 2 years ago
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