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Nag mode

apastuszak says:
There are certain tasks people do throughout the day that need to be done at a certain time and absolutely need to get done. For example, to take medicine, or pick up a kid from school, or put the trash out before you go to bed.

But it's very easy to get distracted by day to day life and forget to do something.

I would love it if RTM could have a "nag mode," where it will keep reminding you to do a tasks at some predetermined interval (say 5 minutes, or whatever interval you set it at) until you actually go into RTM and mark the task complete.

I can't tell you how many times on Monday night I get an 8:00 PM popup to put the trash out only to have my son tell me he needs something for school and we go running out the door to Staples and I completely forget to put the trash out.

Or even worse, my wife wants me to pick up something from the grocery store. I get the notification, but I can't walk out the door right there and then, and 20 minutes later, they're buried under 20 email notifications.
Posted at 2:48am on May 28, 2018
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