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Nag mode

(closed account) says:
There are certain tasks people do throughout the day that need to be done at a certain time and absolutely need to get done. For example, to take medicine, or pick up a kid from school, or put the trash out before you go to bed.

But it's very easy to get distracted by day to day life and forget to do something.

I would love it if RTM could have a "nag mode," where it will keep reminding you to do a tasks at some predetermined interval (say 5 minutes, or whatever interval you set it at) until you actually go into RTM and mark the task complete.

I can't tell you how many times on Monday night I get an 8:00 PM popup to put the trash out only to have my son tell me he needs something for school and we go running out the door to Staples and I completely forget to put the trash out.

Or even worse, my wife wants me to pick up something from the grocery store. I get the notification, but I can't walk out the door right there and then, and 20 minutes later, they're buried under 20 email notifications.
Posted at 2:48am on May 28, 2018
jbyars says:
I can't believe this is not needed by more people in the community. I think perhaps this has been asked for in different ways and the request votes should be consolidated. And it's painful that most other task apps have this feature. It is one of the VERY few things that I find missing from RTM.
Thanks RTM team for reviewing these ideas.
Posted 4 years ago
koppei says:
This would be an enormous help.
I have been using rtm for years but currently looking at a product that has a nagging feature.
Posted 3 years ago
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