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When creating a task allow to tag it right away.

(closed account) says:
I find it annoying to have to edit the task after creating it to apply a tag to it. It should be doable right away, like setting the priority or due date for example. It's much more useful than location for example. Can you please consider that?
Posted at 1:38am on May 3, 2018
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi namdam,
You can use Smart Add to add a tag to a task, for example:

Buy bananas for Bob #Shopping #errand #grocery ^today !1

Hope this helps!
Posted 1 year ago
(closed account) says:
Thanks, it does.
Posted 1 year ago
miccaman says:
Just posted a suggestion to add default values if tag is omitted from smart add.
Posted 1 year ago
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