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Share locations with tasks

john.schmitz says:
I would like to share the location on a task in the same way that a task is shared
Posted at 4:08pm on June 11, 2007
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Locations are now shared with the new Remember The Milk. Thanks for everyone's feedback on this!
Posted 4 years ago
tina.tina says:
yep, i agree. had the same idea today.
Posted 14 years ago
g.bay says:
Yes, would love this as well.
Posted 12 years ago
dali.antonius says:
Actually, this functionality would tip the scale in terms of being RTM being widely used in my organisation.

Otherwise, might someone tell me how to manually share locations? (urgent!)
Posted 12 years ago
kevinoakgrove says:

Problem: Lets meet up for that task we gotta do...ok where...i marked the location on the task i shared with you didnt....yes i you didnt.. it just says none.....yes i did...its on there i can see you did not...arrgh.

Solved: Share Locations when task is shared.

I agree a Top Notch idea.

Can it be done is what i ask!

Posted 12 years ago
chip.nowacek says:
Another voice for sharing locations. Don't understand why it wouldn't be in the first place (outside of the fact that it takes work :-). My wife and I share a shopping list and she has to re-assign the location? Huh? Is there a way to at least export locations and import them?
Posted 12 years ago
roozbehghaffari says:
One more vote here!
Posted 12 years ago
sstephens says:
Another vote, this is has been requested for well over a year.
Posted 12 years ago
russday says:
I have the same problem. I share a task and the location isn't shared! Very frustrating!
Posted 12 years ago
tanja.valk says:
One more vote for sharing locations.
Posted 12 years ago
(closed account) says:
Another vote.

What makes the need for this feature even more pressing is the "hidden feature" that clears the assigned location of a shared task, when the other party assigns their own location to that task. This constitutes loss of information caused by an external source, which I deem unacceptable.
Posted 12 years ago
cloveless says:
Another vote for sharing locations.

My primary use for RTM is syncing shopping/errands tasks with my wife, so all the locations that either of us create on our respective accounts would ideally be shared between us.

As it stands now, I am creating locations on two computers with the same names -- quite tedious.

Plus, it seems that shared tasks don't sync assigned locations. Why not?
Posted 12 years ago
joshpjones99 says:
wow I guess my issue isn't new. I to am using RTM with my wife. TWO PRO accounts no less. (want to pay the bills, I want RTM around for years to come) I share a list with her and a second from her to me. I put in errands and those have locations. I even went through the fun and adding in all my location, by hand, into her account thinking it would work. um no it doesn't. really an issue. Want to get PRO accounts for all of my co-workers but we would have the same issue and that is not ok. RTM this looks like it started a long time ago can we at least get a yeah or no on this?

Posted 12 years ago
akeech says:
I consider this the most critical feature request. This would make RTM the most important part of my small scale business.
Posted 12 years ago
mschuh says:
yes, please!
Posted 12 years ago
krissy says:
Hi all,

Sharing locations has been added to the list of feature requests. Thanks for the suggestion :)
Posted 12 years ago
johenkel says:
YEAH !!!
Oh, wait, - that was two years ago ....

.... hm? .... still waiting ......

Ok, I will officially put that on my x-mas list !!
Posted 10 years ago says:
Please add sharing locations. Importing locations from google earth would rock.
Posted 9 years ago
daniel.fujiwara says:
still waiting....
Posted 9 years ago
devenv says:
Still waiting here too
Posted 9 years ago
mckayla.watkins says:
Need this feature please.
Posted 9 years ago
edward.hand says:
Another request for this feature.
Posted 9 years ago
sarah.e.hand says:
I would like to request this feature as well. It would make Remember the Milk a much more useful tool.
Posted 9 years ago
valandbank says:
Really need this feature for our small company!
Posted 9 years ago
mtallen says:
need this!
Posted 9 years ago
michelle.kady says:
I need this so bad! My boss literally has 100 real estate locations that are constantly changing and we have 4 free accounts and 2 pro accounts on our team, I have to load them into each individual account and assign a location. Import/Export and Share locations with tasks is NEEDED PLEASE
Posted 9 years ago
avrienen says:
Posted 9 years ago
jo.loschky says:
me too :-) +1
Posted 9 years ago
dominic.spachmann says:
and me too, just brought my girlfriend to rtm (even gave her the account as a gift) and we share the shopping list, which is just half the fun without locations :-) please!
Posted 9 years ago
jasenjno1 says:
big vote from me - also desperate to use this in my business
Posted 8 years ago
nmuenzner says:
Sharing without locations = clutterd lists! Please add this feature to iPhone etc!
Posted 8 years ago
dominic.spachmann says:
anything new for this idea? would love to have that!
Posted 8 years ago
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