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Simple Lists

jnicholea says:
I use RTM for my grocery list, and when I add something like 14.5 oz canned tomatoes, it's interpreted as "oz canned tomatoes" due on May 14th.

I would like to categorize some lists as simple lists, where I can type quickly and don't have to worry about the quick-add features interfering with my list making.
Posted at 10:36pm on January 13, 2018
tristo (Remember The Milk) says:
Thanks for getting in touch.

Good news, you have two options here.

1. Turn off this feature - more on how to do that, here:

2. Keep Smart Add enabled, but sometimes disable it on a per task basis:

You can disable Smart Add in a particular task by surrounding the text you don't want parsed with quotation marks as part or all of the task name, for example:

"Class notes for 08/07/2018"
Prepare notes for "Friday meeting" tomorrow

Or, in your example:

"14.5" oz canned tomatoes

Adding a due date will also skip any date detection in a task, for example:

"Class notes for 08/07/2018 ^tomorrow"
An important task that should be done today but doesn't need to be dated !1 ^never

Let me know if I can help further or in any other way!
Posted 1 year ago
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