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Make postponing a repeating task work finally..

azaz44 says:
I just tested RTM again (did some years ago already) and see you can't postpone repeating tasks which are of "every ..." type. I see threads in forums which are 8 years old about it. For me it is a blocker feature and reason to look for another app.

Here's how it works:
- you define a task which is repeating "every month", for example pay a monthly bill
- you postpone the task, because there's no problem paying it few days later
- RTM will then mess all future dates of this task, postponing all of them instead of only the current one.

And how it should behave:
- It should postpone the current task, but not do anything with future tasks.
Posted at 5:13pm on December 18, 2017
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi azaz44,
This is how Remember The Milk should already work with repeating tasks if they use the "every" option, so it'd be great if you could contact us with some details so we could look into this and see what's going on.

Posted 1 year ago
fhettenbach says:
Postponing the way you describe works fine on my end
Posted 1 year ago
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