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When grouping by due date, include active/ongoing tasks

robfreundlich says:
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I've just set up a smart list called Weekly Agenda whose selection is:

(dueWithin:"7 day of today" OR dueBefore:today)

and I have it sorted by Priority/Tag/TaskName and grouped by Due Date. This effectively gives me a list of tasks due over the next 7 days, grouped by day. Wonderful.

However, suppose that today is Monday (which it is), and that I have a task whose name is "Paint BR and LR Shelves" and whose Start Date is today and Due Date is Saturday (which I do). That task is going to show up on my Weekly Agenda list, which is good.

However, it will be in the Saturday group, which is bad. That's because I would like to see it in the Monday group because I am supposed to start it today.

I know *why* this happens - I've grouped by Due Date, and the task's Due Date is Saturday. I could group by Start Date, but then tomorrow the task will still show up in Monday's group, when I'd really like it to show up in Tuesday's group, because tomorrow I will still need to work on it.

What I want is to be able to group by (or display or sort by, I suppose) the concept of an Active or Effective Date - the dates between (inclusive) the Start Date and the Due Date of a task. Ideally, in a grouping like mine, the task would only show up in the most current Active Date's group, but I could live with it if it showed up in all of them.
Posted at 4:21pm on December 18, 2017
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