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Merge tags

dave.liao says:
Add the ability to merge tags.

If you attempt to change tag A to an already-existing tag ("tag B"), prompt the user to merge the tags (or not).

If the user says "merge", all tasks with tag A are now tag B.
Posted at 8:23pm on November 9, 2017
azclaire says:
I move the tasks from one tag to another to handle this.

I go to one of the tags, select all the tasks I want change, add the new tag to and delete the old tag from all the tasks at once.

Posted 1 year ago
benpeter says:
I hallucinate that there used to be a way to merge tags back in the day, but I cannot find it now. but moving sounds feasible, thanks for the idea, @azclaire
Posted 4 months ago
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