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Full Google Calendar integration

tracymckibben says:
Take a look at the Google Calendar integration that Todoist recently rolled out. I would *LOVE* to see something like this from RTM. The iCal/XML feed currently offered just doesn't cut it, as Google Calendar polls for updates very infrequently, if ever. A real-time two-way sync would be perfect.
Posted at 12:09am on September 23, 2017
erwen says:
Yes, this is absolutely vital. I've tried doing this via IFTTT, but there's no way to add due date IFTTT applets, but there is no way to add due date, which renders the idea useless (so maybe you could work on that, too). Please, please, this would be so helpful!
Posted 6 years ago
thomas.decker says:
As more RTM is tied to Google as more it is restricted my Google
Posted 6 years ago
bret.bowser says:
Big fan of this idea! Another approach, not as ideal, would be to bring in calendar details similar to what Things does in the Upcoming view. However, I like the idea of a google calendar integration or a Cronofy sync similar to what Evernote and Trello do. Thanks for considering.
Posted 6 years ago
ddonetskov says:
I support this much as that'd be very helpful to see how my tasks are scheduled over the week, and, what's even more important, to be able to move tasks to different time periods in Google Calendar. Much simpler from the visual point of view than doing it in RTM.
Posted 6 years ago
veevandyke says:
Gqueues has a BRILLIANT google calendar integration. Complete with checkboxes to complete tasks right in Google calendar. Completely optional for those who don't want it. Would LOVE to see RTM implement this, especially since currently there is NO google calendar integration at all.
Posted 5 years ago
aaron.boydston says:
Yes, I really need to be able to schedule RTM tasks while looking at my google calendar and see future scheduled tasks.
Posted 3 years ago
danielsnider12 says:
+1 for "I really need to be able to schedule RTM tasks while looking at my google calendar and see future scheduled tasks."
This is my biggest request!
Posted 3 years ago
jacobofj says:
Posted 3 years ago
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