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Generate a new task after another task has been executed n times

lschyns says:

I'm using more and more RTM to remember me about some mundane tasks. In some cases, a task must be done after some other tasks has been done several times. For instance, some things must be cleaned or maintained after they were use 4,5 or 10 times. For the moment, I keep this somewhere on paper, but of course, the paper gets lots and I don't remember how many times I used it.

So I thought, let's keep that in RTM. What would be great is that I "tick" each time I use the tool, and after a configurable number of time, RTM triggers a new task. Or simply, having a way to keep a counter in RTM would be great.

BTW, congratulations to the team, RTM is really great and so simple to use !
Posted at 7:55pm on September 12, 2017
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