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Fix the timezone syncing problems between browser and desktop and mobile apps

kdwarn says:
I know that in the browser, the new Remember the Milk will ask you to adjust your timezone when it detects a change. However, the desktop and mobile apps - which I primarily use - continue to automatically change times and incorrectly switch dates. I've copied the help topic on this issue, which describes the problem perfectly, below. I'd like to know if there's any plans to fix this. Manually adjusting times and dates when I'm in a different timezone is tedious (and potentially costly) and this problem is forcing me to consider an alternative to Remember the Milk.


My tasks are shown on the wrong day/time

Tasks are shown on the wrong day or at the wrong time.

Your timezone setting in Remember The Milk does not match the system timezone on a computer where you use the site.

Check to make sure that your timezone on the Account settings screen in Remember The Milk matches your system timezone on any computers where you use the site. It's particularly important to check the location of the timezone to make sure that they match as well (to ensure that daylight savings time is observed correctly for your account).

Note about timezones: If you're viewing Remember The Milk from a different timezone -- for example, when traveling -- your tasks may appear on the wrong day or postpone incorrectly. Unfortunately Remember The Milk doesn't currently support shifting timezones; when a due date is set in one timezone, the task will be due at the start of that day (that is, midnight) in that timezone. Thus, any timezone offsets can affect the display of your tasks.

Aside from correcting any discrepancy between your Remember The Milk and system's timezones, if you encounter this problem you should be able to correct it for a given task by resetting a task's due date (that is, simply editing the due date and pressing Enter should suffice). If you've moved permanently, please contact us so we can correct this for all of your tasks.
Posted at 4:38pm on September 11, 2017
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