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Desktop: Make ALT+F4 close the window, not quit the app

clausconrad says:
This is actually a suggestion for the (Windows) desktop app, but I couldn't select that from the Category dropdown.

The app is designed to be run in the background, and I guess that is why you chose to make the X button close the window and minimize the app to the systray. I am used to pressing ALT+F4 to close windows and with most apps, this has the same effect as pressing X at the top right of the window - but this is not the case for your desktop app on Windows.

I realize that CTRL+W closes the window, but it is easy to forget and just press ALT+F4. Maybe this shortcut could be made configurable, or you could make ALT+F4 the same as CTRL+W?
Posted at 10:10am on July 26, 2017
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